As a non-profit organization, Prairieland EDC seeks a solution to small businesses needs. This is accomplished both with Prairieland EDC’s lending programs and through the utilization of outside programs by simply requesting the technical expertise of the Prairieland EDC staff. Requests for assistance may fall outside of the lending product availability of Prairieland EDC. Additionally, Prairieland EDC has nurtured numerous partnerships with key regional entities. These partnerships are strategically engaged and become fundamentally important to the continued growth and existence of Prairieland EDC by cementing our value to the region.

When Prairieland EDC receives a request from a bank or a small business owner for assistance it is generally aimed at trying to find a solution to some financial gap. To structure a financial package, Prairieland EDC looks at the financial gap and tailors one or more loan programs to best fit the company’s needs while still meeting the primary lender’s credit underwriting. Staff works directly with the lender and the small business to best understand their goals and to detail the options available to them, for example by:

  • Providing on-site financial analysis and business counseling
  • Structuring the business project and developing appropriate financing packages
  • Assisting with the packaging, processing, closing and servicing of loan programs
  • Coordinating the entire lending process
  • Working in confidentiality with the private business
  • Working directly for small business
PEDC Loan Program Summary